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Meet The Alphabugs! Andy, Brucey, Clarence, and the rest of the gang are gathering together to make up the alphabet and have some fun! One by one they enter and engage in various shenanigans, getting along and learning together. Join author Jeryl Christmas for a rhyming adventure of humor, education, and an all around good time with The Alphabugs.

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The Alphabugs Coloring Book!

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Have you ever been bullied?  Do you wish there was something you could do about it?  Well, the Alphabugs are here to share some advice on bullying in Jeryl Christmas’s The Alphabug Bully Busters.  Andy, Brucey, Clarence, and the other bugs all have helpful hints on how to wipe out bullying for good.  Read to see how you can “bee” the best bully buster in town.

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When Haley’s most prized possession is stolen from her backyard, the news quickly spreads throughout the area.  ‘Twas a Golf Cart for Christmas is a story that has to be told.  This special day in November of 2009 shows how a community can come together in a spirit of love and charity.  To see Haley getting her golf cart, click on the following link:  https://youtu.be/WCb97MAu-Tk 

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Have you ever wondered who the “disabled” really are?  A bad attitude disables some, but not Haley Christmas.  Diagnosed with hypotonic cerebral palsy, Haley has never let that “label” affect her positive outlook on life.  Since Haley is unable to tell her own inspiring story, author Jeryl Christmas speaks for her daughter in a very uplifting way in Haley’s Voice.

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Did you know that your imagination “can take you far away in your mind on any day”?  Tate the Great discovered this as he embarked on a very fanciful, seafaring adventure.  Come along with him as he surfs a wave on the back of a dolphin, gets captured by a lobster, and finally has a sea turtle “help him rise to the wide and open skies.”  Jeryl Christmas encourages her readers to use their imaginations by leaving them with this bit of  advice:

Be creative in your thinking when you feel your mind is sinking.
Remember that you’re clever as a fox.
Don’t let life fence you in—just imagine and begin
to expand your mind and think outside the box.

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Come along with Elise as she embarks on “some sightseeing sprees” on her magic fleece. You can join her as she uses her imagination to soar with eagles, race a cheetah, and ride atop the water spout of a whale. She even travels to the North Pole, where she flies with Santa’s sleigh. “Next came a daring thought. Could she be an astronaut, if she imagined hard enough to go that far?” Elise’s boundless imagination takes her all the way to the moon before she flies home to her peaceful family farm.  Jeryl Christmas hopes her readers will use their imaginations as well and enjoy  Elise and the Magic Fleece.

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A Number Fable is a book for children of all ages. It is fun to read and full of alliteration and rhyme. Younger children will also find it helpful in learning their numbers 1-10. This fable has a cast full of animals and a meaningful moral at the end encouraging unity and kindness. 

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Relax, Jax Cover.jpg

Relax, Jax is a fun and imaginative story. Similar to Chicken Little, who always thought the sky was falling, Jax imagines unlikely things happening to him also.  When told to relax and go climb a tree, he anxiously replies, ” But if I climb and then get stuck, they’ll have to call a big firetruck with sirens wailing down the street while I’m left dangling by my feet!”   Instead of constantly worrying about what may happen though, he is repeatedly told, “Relax, Jax.  It’s okay.  It’s going to be an awesome day!”  The story ends on a positive note with Jax  having a different outlook on life filled with positivity.   

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Imagination has no bounds.  Get ready to let go and drift along the words you read on this creative flow.  The rhyming scenes you’ll notice are silliness at best, but fun to read and twist your tongue–an imagination-fest!  So let go and just imagine as you enjoy reading If Pigs Wore Wigs.

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Did you know that squids squirt ink, possums play dead, and lizards can lose their tails when danger is near?  If you are an animal lover or have an inquisitive mind, you will enjoy reading  Why Do Camels Spit with its 38 rhyming questions about 69 different animals.

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A Dinostory Cover new backgrd

A DINOSTORY is a book for dinosaur lovers, but it also packs a great lesson on self-confidence. It shows that even those who seem to be the strongest have insecurities and feelings of low self-esteem.  You would assume that Tyrannosaurus Rex would be confident in being “king” of the dinosaurs, but he was so self-conscious of his short little arms.  Instead of seeing their strengths, these powerful dinosaurs only saw their weaknesses, such as not fitting in,  being shy or not very smart, or not liking something about their appearance.

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Genoa, the Boa is a great book to teach a lesson on sharing.  Genoa had a tendency to be rather selfish.  Then a friendly garter snake helped her with this problem.  As she began to change her behavior, her number of friends multiplied.

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To the Max, Jax cover new backgrd

To the Max, Jax, let’s use this name and make it fun like in a game. It must be with some words that rhyme right before it every time. So let’s begin and just enjoy this tale about a little boy. Read it fast or read it slow. On your mark, get set, let’s go.

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Any child who has had to deal with the loss of a beloved grandparent can relate to this book.  As a tribute to her father, the author remembers him through the eyes of her young granddaughter, Elise.  To ensure that Elise does not forget her grandy, the pages are filled with photographs and memories:
If you’ve ever lost a loved one
whom you miss a lot like me,
then I hope you can find comfort
reading At My Grandy’s Knee.

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Knock, Nocturnal is filled with rhyming facts about 20 different nocturnal animals.  Did you know that “ocelots don’t chew a lot but swallow their food whole?”  You can also read about the red-eyed tree frog, rhino beetle, aye aye, hedgehog, hyena, and other animals that like to avoid the daylight and come out at night.

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The Maverick is that child
some would often say is wild,
but nothing could be further from the truth.
With a spirit that is free and independent as can be,
he simply savors every second of his youth.

Has your parent ever had to tell you to go to bed more than once?  After telling his son, Maverick, to go to bed 10 times, you may be surprised what Dad says to him the next time. 

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BEWARE!  This is not a bedtime story.  Because it is such a LOUD book, it probably should not even be read indoors.  It is full of HONKING, OINKING, MOOING, BARKING, and other noises.  The rooster’s COCK-A-DOODLE-DO is as loud as a fire alarm!  Because of that, none of the animals can sleep “no matter how they plug their ears or work on counting sheep.”  A Very Loud Farm is a fun book to read.  See how this very noisy problem is solved.  Enjoy reading, but you may need to plug your ears as well.

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Have you ever been nervous about going to the hospital?  If so, this book will help prepare you in case you ever have to go, like Haley did when she got sick.  You will see Haley’s hospital room and bed with its own remote to watch TV or ring for a nurse, the comfy gown she wore, and the white bracelet that had her name on it.  You will see what a CAT scan machine looks like and a picture of Haley with her doll she was allowed to have with her before and after surgery.  Can you believe Haley rode in a wheelchair, an ambulance, and on a stretcher with a seatbelt?  She even rode on A BED IN AN  ELEVATOR!  Also, instead of being afraid of her doctor, Haley developed a true bond with her own Dr. Jubilee Brown.

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If Carson Parker Had a Marker is a very uplifting book. Carson Parker uses his marker in a powerful way to write notes and letters to encourage kindness. He even uses it to write a message on the tail of a kite telling his readers to Be the Change needed to make our world a better place. He also quotes Jennifer Dukes Lee in saying, “In a world where you can be anything, BE KIND!” His hope is that “others would follow in his lead spreading words of kindness like a farmer scatters seed.”

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Bums on Drums Cover 13 darker

Did you ever see a punk skunk or a hooting, fluting owl?  How about bears playing snares and cymbals with their “BUMS upon the DRUMS!” In this book you will even meet a great white shark from Cuba who LOVES to play the tuba, especially on the beaches of beautiful Aruba! All of these animals and many more make up this very special “No Man’s Band.” And even though they’re all very different, they make ONE harmonic sound.

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Some of the gang, like Andy and Edward, are here to help you learn the rules for making the vowel sounds for A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y and W too.
Knowing these rules will help you read.
The Alphabugs say, “It’s guaranteed!”

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The boogie woogie bear loves to dance.  A silly goose loves to giggle, the runaway pig loves to snort, and a wiggly worm loves to wiggle until all of these things are banned! There is no more dancing, giggling, snorting, or wiggling. Then a bossy bird leads a successful protest to resume all of these carefree actions. Finally the boogie woogie bear gives this good advice:

“A smile is better than a frown. Try it when you’re feeling down and DANCE regardless of your circumstance!”

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Cover for Savannah's Bandanas 12a

Savannah’s Bandanas were all laid out for the new school year, but she was concerned about her special smile being hidden. Savannah had to figure out how to display “‘grins for her friends in a different sort of way.” So she made new bandanas showing cuddly things “like a kitty cat or pup—something to spread joy since her smile was covered up.” So, when your smile is covered, “try to grin another way by spreading joy and kindness like Savannah did each day.”

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Bubba’s Egg is a book about a free-spirited little boy who appreciates the wonder of nature. He likes caterpillar hunting, taking morning walks with his mom, and using his imagination. He LOVES his country life. While collecting eggs one day, he decided to bring an egg home, put it in a basket, and take care of it.  A special friendship developed.
As all little boys do, he will grow up one day and have many different friends, buteven though he’s growing up, now at the age of three, his special sense of WONDER will keep his spirit free.” 

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WILL HALLOWEEN BE CANCELED THIS YEAR?  It won’t be if we are safe and have HALLOWEEN SIX FEET AWAY!  “Kids can still see neighbors on this fun-filled holiday.  Just say hello and trick-or-treat from SIX FEET AWAY.”  There can also be safe outdoor activities like Cornhole OVER SIX FEET AWAY, reading spooky stories, and having hayrides.  “Take a ride in a wagon sitting on some bales of hay.  Just remember that you have to sit SIX FEET AWAY.”

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Quirky Turkey made a daring escape from his farm before Thanksgiving Day. He told his new friend, “I had a sneaking hunch I WOULD BE THANKSGIVING LUNCH!” His friend then took him to school where they went on a field trip. You may be surprised where they actually went on their trip! But all ended well, and Quirky had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner with NO meat!

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This uplifting book is filled with joy and the true meaning of Christmas. Even though Haley Christmas is nonverbal, she has a LOT to say: “So if she could, she’d tell you that Santa Claus is fun, but the reason for the season is God’s amazing Son.” How can you share in Haley’s joy this season? Read Haley’s Christmas to find out!

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Can anyone figure out figurative language? Well, Savannah is “on the fence” about it. She is questioning many silly similes and idioms that DO NOT make sense, for example: “Is a fiddle really fit? Is a bone always dry? Is every peacock proud, and can pigs really fly?” But then Savannah figures it out and discovers the advantage in using these literary devices to make her writing “come alive” and be more interesting and colorful.

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After a long school year, children look forward to a fun summer break, but they forget that their teachers do too!  The little boy in this book has a dream where he sees his teacher climbing a tree, flying an airplane, water skiing, and doing other exciting things.  When he awakes, he realizes that TEACHERS NEED A RECESS TOO!

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Rooty-Roo Rooster and Tommy-Tom Turkey were the best of friends. How did this friendship happen? It all began “with an unexpected guest when Rooty-Roo’s chicken egg fell into a turkey nest.” Rooty tried hard to fit in with the turkeys, but two of them made fun of him for not being able to gobble. To help them see things from Rooty’s perspective, Tommy-Tom gave them this challenge: “Can either one of YOU, instead of gobble-gobble, COCK-A-DODDLE DOO?” When they were unable to do this, they saw how it felt “in someone else’s shoes, especially Rooty-Roo’s.”

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Have you ever noticed that many animals look and sound exactly alike? Well, that doesn’t suit most of the animals in this book. They want to stand out among the crowd. You won’t believe the loud and extreme things they do to gain attention for themselves. Even the wise owl gets caught up in all of this when he parachutes out of an airplane. The bear is the only animal that questions this outlandish behavior. The owl, who has now learned his
lesson, gives him this good advice:

Take this advice and read it twice.
Your loudness doesn’t matter.
Just be YOU, and that is WHOO
stands out above the chatter!

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Have you ever tried to listen to the silence of the night? That is the question asked in this book. The narrator takes you back to his childhood days when he was awestruck by a magnificent snowfall. As he grows older, he is still inspired by the beauty of it all:

There's a verse found in the Bible.
It says, "Be still, and know.
God's word is true; He'll speak to you
through the SILENT SNOW. 

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A Kangaroo with a Cool Tattoo is a fun book to read. It is filled with rhyme and repetitive language. Seven characters connect to find SOMETHING up ahead which turns out to be their friendship with each other. The joey’s cool tattoo GROWS each time one of them is added to the group forming their friendship circle:

 "This never-ending circle
 of each connected friend 
  shows us all so clearly
 how friendship has NO END."

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On My Sweet Gram’s Lap is a book about a great-granddaughter’s memories of a very special grandparent. Even though it is a tribute to the author’s mom, each page will resonate with anyone who has experienced the loss of someone who was part of the Greatest Generation.

Sitting on my sweet Gram’s lap,
I’d hear her old clock chime while shelling peas or sewing.
It was such a special time.
Oh, how I wish those clock hands would’ve slowed down just a bit, but like my Gram’s untiring hands, they never seemed to quit.

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Would you like to live the life of your spoiled pet for a day? That’s what this little boy wished to do. He wanted to be like his pet labradoodle and run free, have no homework or chores, and “never use a fork or EVER have to eat another yucky thing like a turnip or a beet.” However, he also discovered there were some things he would miss like his mother’s hugs and fishing with his dad. Read to see how the boy felt being able to act Like My Doodle Does.

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Imagination has no bounds.  Get ready to let go and drift along the words you read on this creative flow.  The rhyming scenes you’ll notice are silliness at best, but fun to read and twist your tongue–an imagination-fest! So let go and just imagine. If you enjoyed reading If Pigs Wore Wigs, you’ll love this book, If Cats Wore Hats.

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Do you ever stop to smell the roses? Morgas, the Tortoise does. He takes his time and enjoys the beauty of nature. He questions and wonders about a lot of things and makes good use of his imagination calling it “a gift to open and explore.” Morgas also tells the reader what he does when he feels anxious and gives some helpful tips for that.

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